About Us

CLK Lion Dance and Kung Fu has been led by Sifu Sammy Cheng since 1990.
Since our inception, we've performed hundreds of weddings and have travelled across Canada and the world to train, compete, and bring excitement to people's special events.
We specialize in Lion Dances for weddings, bringing good luck, fortune, and energy to crowds across Toronto. We'll provide a traditional performance with a modern flare.
Feed the lion, and if you are up for it, we can even invite you and your partner into the lion yourself mid-show, and you can show off your lion dance style, dancing and playing with your loved one's on your special day.
Our award winning team will customize for your unique occasion and bring a performance to remember.
Visit us at our martial arts club in Scarborough and see what we are all about. We'd be honored to be part of your special event and will work closely with you to create a performance to remember!
See you soon!
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